Saturday, April 02, 2005

For Once, Something Really Important

I finally started blogging after I read an article in wired about anil dash's feat with blumarine nigritude. Oh, I thought, if blogging is that big, I want to be where the action is. And now I can at least help to push sites up the ominous page rank that really matter to me. As yet no-body speaks of tightening abortion laws where I live or make it illegal again, though I can remember when it was. But the way conservative forces in America fight against roe vs. wade scares the shit out of me.

There is far too much brain washing going on, if you go here, you will find objective, factual information on:

Remember, the page-rank is a mighty thing! It can boost businesses and it can lobby the world. Join me in Bombing for Choice. I only wish someone would come up with similar campaigns to help more women in more continents.

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