Saturday, April 09, 2005


As you can see I finally managed to get a background image for my title. I found the amazing typogenerator which gave me picture below.

Then I tweaked it a bit and am fairly pleased with the colours, but I still wish I knew how to keep the image from tiling. Ah well.

Then I went even deeper into the html undergrowth to create a new list. As blogrolling will only give me one free list (fair enough) I had to do it myself. When I fiddle with html it feels like a cross between rummaging in someone's guts and speaking chinese without a dictionary. In this new list you will find aesthetically pleasing interactive and/or moving things (if there is any rhyme or reason to the selection process it is all fuzz and no logic).

The one item on this new list which I have not mentioned yet is Bootstrap the Blank Slate. It is the most exciting internet art I have seen yet. You start with lots of coloured tiles on which you click or mouse over, then you end up with something like this:

And I did lots more, created poems, rumours and my very own personal map of the world (I'll have to work on that one, the sea is not quite the right shade of pink in the late afternoon), but I must have some sleep before I go on with my show and tell session.

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