Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Enthusing at Length

I really do feel a need to explain why I’m so glad to have found Esther Wilberforce-Packard’s Topic Drift. Should I go to the lumber room and rummage for some dusty old literary terms? Better not. I’ve always loved Jane Austen’s Juvenilia. And I was fascinated by Wilde’s idea of ‘Poems in Prose’. (The idea – not the actual prose poems he wrote. They are oozing with sentiment and leave an aftertaste of an aestheticised moral that does no one any good.) Then Joyce’s and Woolf’s ideas of epiphany were intriguing. But what is the use of artistic epiphanies, if you hide them in longish novels?
Where else should they have hidden their epiphanies, you might ask; and you would be perfectly right. They had novels, letters, diaries, essays, short stories even, but they did not have blogs. I am too lazy to even attempt to prove it, but I give you this link in which art lovingly embraces technology, happy with yet another way to express whatever needs to be expressed.
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