Friday, December 03, 2004

Doommongering is Bad for You, Really Bad

The story of incense and candles in churches emitting harmful pollutants has raced round the world, see for example the calcutta telegraph. But that was two weeks ago. So why harp on about it still? Because this news will be used to thicken the atmosphere of fear we're supposed to live in. While the fear of terrorism (in America) or the degeneration of the social services (in Europe) serve to paint the general outlook on things grey in grey, we are pestered with all the things that are unhealthy for us. Food scares, the anti-smoking-hysteria etc. And now roman catholic services.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the science behind any of this is faulty. However, it may well be that fear of all those things is itself the most harmful 'substance' you can expose yourself to. There is research indicating that you will live a long and healthy life no matter what harmful substances you expose yourself to as long as you have lots of fun.
Alas, alas, this does not make exiting, scandalous news. Alas, alas, experiencing well-being and pleasure is incredibly cheap.
Oh dear, I'm pontificating. So instead of worrying about worrying too much, pay a visit to the subservient stickman. Like me, you may not be too keen on the seedier aspects of his personality, but watch him turn into kermit or even take a trip may make your day.

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