Monday, March 06, 2006

Because We Can

Recently I have been doing quite a few things that might seem exaggerated, senseless even. When I asked myself 'why', the answer was: Because I can. Such acts move outside convention and necessity; they are neither art, nor downright silliness. They celebrate the wealth of options at my disposal - at everyone's disposal.

So I am not surprised to find others doing things because they can, but very glad. There is the plan to drive a golf ball into orbit from the ISS. (via Kottke)

Then there are the biologists looking at their petri dishes. They are, of course bent on finding out, what on earth is going on in the strange world unfolding before their very microscopes. But they still leave room to marvel at the beauty of what they see. (via Kottke again)

Oh, alright you nosey-parkers. Just one. My goddaughter had entrusted me with her beloved sheep DingDing (it plays a lullaby, if you pull a string). I felt very honoured indeed, but having been plied with oceans of tea I had to do something about it. So I got up sheep in hand pronouncing: DingDing needs to got to the toilet. And it did.

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