Sunday, May 01, 2005

Real Virtual Art

How would you feel, if you just dropped into your local corner shop, because you forgot to get something really essential when you did your proper shopping, like toilet paper or batteries. Everything looks normal, but as soon as you close the door, the humdrum shop turns into a high-tech art gallery. Holograms of strangely anthropomorpic birds swish by, dancers endlessly repeat their movements - compelled by your own gestures...
That is how I felt, when I first entered the fragile circus (found at Das hermetische Café). The flying puppets are even more haunting. So don't go there without broadband, shockwave and lots of time.

To get myself back into reality and out of nightmare mode I only had to look outside my open window and take a deep breath. The lilac in the yard has punctually and obligingly opened its blossoms to send out its bewitching fragrance.

Failing such a serene boost of reality, what about a game of chess to sober you up? I don't play chess and with this online version of the game I can see why. When you make a move the programme shows all the possible future moves. It makes losing your pieces endless fun.

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