Monday, March 21, 2005

Religious Fundamentalism in Europe

Look at this beautiful photo! It is an ad for a team of French fashion designers. It shows female models as Jesa and her apostelettes in the postures of da Vinci's famous Last Supper. Alas courts in Italy and France ordered the posters down. French bishops, hiding behind the oxymoronically named association 'beliefs and freedoms' won a court order against the campaign on March 10th. You can read about it here. The lawyer for the bishops is afraid the people will use christ on the cross to advertise socks next. Wouldn't band aids be more the thing?

Funnily enough, as yet the only blog to pick up this issue is a Dutch blog (written in English) that claims to be 'the most superficial' on the net. Well, well...

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The Challenge said...

Hey, What do you say if we would join-up our blogs so we would have something like "Hyper Superficial Semi-Intellectual blog" :)
...nah, just joking.
I like your blog, good thinking, good writing! Keep on! ... and pop in sometimes by guru of the superficiality.


The Challenge