Friday, February 11, 2005

Passion II: Yma Sumac

It is only very rarely that I feel the urge to buy any music. Then I go straight up to a salesperson and try and make them understand my strange music needs. Make it exciting. Make it full of joy - and passionately so. Not exactly easy, you will admit. My last foray got me Yma Sumacs album Mambo. So I was pleasantly surprised to read about Sumac on boingboing yesterday. It gave a link to easydreamer which in turn points you to the first authorised Yma Sumac site. Easydreamer now has an update with a little mp3 taster of Sumacs amazing voice. Listen to it by all means.

And if you are able to direct me to contemporary artists who perform with such an immediate joie de vivre I'd be enormously grateful.

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