Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Colour of Global Slush

There I was, shopping for a thermos flask and my smithereen-fragmented brain thought it had some extra capacity to wonder whether it was ok for me to write an English blog although I'm German. Then the corner of my eye caught sight of a poster for slush. Amazingly, this solved my moral dilemma; I'll go on writing English while I can. The poster offered slush in blue, red and green. Yet you could only buy the stuff in the German regulation sirop colours red and green (have a care, this is supposed to be woodruff (Waldmeister), not lime). Red and green, green and red, and as far as I know this has been going on from time immemorial.

There must be a whole universe of slush colours out there: lime, tangerine, blue, if need be. The Italians drink a pale white almond slush. I won't be stuck with the eternal choice of green and red. I'm global. Well, ok European. Alright, alright, I may admit to the odd hyperlocal prepossession, but not when it comes to slush!

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